Founders' Events

The Beginning
March 20, 1983
Pre-Restoration Open House

The Pipes and Drums of the Delaware Valley
kicked off the event

Mrs. Joseph S. Lord III backed by colorful Commonwealth posters

  A few months later on September 15, 1983,
Chief Justice Warren E. Burger helped cut the ribbon for
the Royal Heritage Society exhibition at Ormiston titled
"Beginning of the Consular Service in Philadelphia"

President Maureen Harrison, with Ambassador Leonore Annenberg and Chief Justice Warren E. Burger

On October 28, 1983,the Royal Heritage Society held a reception at Ormiston
attended by over 300.  The festivities included a proper English tea.

Robert Montgomery "Bobby" Scott and President Maureen Harrison
On December 2, 1983, the Royal Heritage Society hosted the first of many
Holiday parties at Ormiston -  a Christmas Tea.  

Mr. J. Boylston Campbell (second from right) was one of the founders and 
first President of the Clan Campbell Association of America.

On June 3 and 6, 1984, RHS mounted a "D-Day Remembered" event and exhibition at Ormiston.

Mr. Brian G. Harrison, husband of RHS President Maureen Harrison,
was President of the Franklin Mint at the time.

Dr. Philip C. Minter was once President of the Mid-Atlantic Australian New Zealand Chamber of Commerce.