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19th Century artist's watercolor rendering of Ormiston Mansion
A wintry Ormiston
A fine and flowery Ormiston
A sketch of Ormiston in winter

This original watercolor and ink painting of Ormiston was done by local artist Bill Roberts who lives in Chestnut Hill and was born in Wales.  His wife, Jean Roberts is a past President of the Royal Heritage Society.  Bill was raised on a dairy farm in Wales.  From an early age, he enjoyed drawing and attended Shrewsbury School of Art.  He later graduated from the University of Wales with a Bachelor of Architecture with Distinctions in 1957.  He worked as an architect in London and then earned a scholarship to the Graduate School of Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania.  He was appointed to faculty at University of Pennsylvania where he later formed a professional firm offering services in architecture, urban planning, and landscape architecture known as Wallace, Roberts and Todd.  After forty years of professional practice, he retired to concentrate on developing his skills as a painter, by working in watercolor with several professional painters.  'Although I have used acrylics, pastels, and oils, I am most intrigued with the luminescence of transparent watercolors.  It yields surprises and challenges, and I find the heritage of great watercolor artists of both Britain and the USA to be an inspiration.'